The present situation and developing trend of city elder peoples physical lifestyle in china

Por: Hua Chen, Li Xin e Yi Zhou.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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It is estimated that the number of the elder people over 60 in China will amount to 136,000,000 by 2003, which will account for 10.2% of the total population of China, by then, China will have become an elder people’s society in a general meaning, in view of that, to research the elder people’s leisure physical activities will take on a far-reaching practical social meaning. Based on the research on the present situation, the author put forward the developing trend of city elder’s lifestyle in China.


The methods used in this research are investigation and documentation. 800 female elder people over 55 and male elder people over 60 from 8 cities of China’s provincial cities were sampled at random as the research subjects. 800 subjects were questioned through the questionnaires and some were interviewed by the researchers. 687 questionnaires were collected, among which 660 were valid. All the results were handled statistically on the computer.


1.Characteristics of city elder people’s physical lifestyle in China
The characteristics of city elder people’s physical activities are frequency, durance and persistence. Physical activities are carried out in a close and friendly group way. Physical activities are diversified. Some fixed venues are set up, which can basically satisfy the needs. The motives of satisfying physiological and psychological needs are various, including killing time, associating with others, eliminating sense of loneliness, preventing and curing diseases, living longer and manifesting self-value.
2.Developing trend of city elder people’s physical lifestyle in China
More and more elder people will take physical lifestyles. Elder sports population will be increasing and elder people’s physical activities tend to be comprehensive. Elder people’s physical lifestyles will be more scientific. "Sports prescriptions" will be popularized among elder people first. Popularity of elder people’s physical activities makes life-long sports possible, so carrying on elder people’s physical activities actively is an important part of fulfilling "Sports for All Plan", an effective way of enlarging sports population, a destination of long-life sports.


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