The Probe To Group Organization And Order Arrangement Position Under Vague Conditions In International Competition

Por: Hu Xu, Juanli Wei e Xiaoming Xu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The research on international and domestic competitions shows that the traditional items has formed a certain mode in
group organization and order arrangement position. But in some newly-odded items in the Olympics and first, sudden
selective trials, the numbers and levels of contesting teams are hard to make clear immediately, which causes major
difficulty to organizing system and group-division as well as order arrangement position.

Investigate the method, experiment method.

In order to solve the problems of organizing system and order arrangement position, random method of organizing and
order arrangement position can be made flexibly according to the eventual contestants. ②In order to save time,
manpower and funds, that the order of enrollment replaces the order of drawing lots should be changed.③1/4-1/5
players in seeded teams are recommended by the unit.④When the numbers of plays is large, or s-shaped method can be
adopted in group-division, or s-shaped expending and reducing layout method can be used to pair up the seeded teams.

The new method mentioned above can supply quick, and fair schemes for group-division position in round robin and
elimination series, which can make compete fair and be carried out internally and internationally.

[1]. News report on the layout in internal and international contest.

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