The relationship between cardiac dimensions, vo2 max. and free fat mass in two stanards of swimmers

Por: H. Heshmat e T. Basyony.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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to investigate echocardiography in exploring the relationship between cardiac dimensions, Vo2 max. and FFM in standards of swimmers . Two-dimensional echo-cardio-graphy , free fat mass and 400m. swim race were performed in 20 male swimmers , divided into two standards according to Vo2 max and swim records. Age (19,6 + 2) , weight (68,9 + 5) and Height (173,+7) in the two groups high and lower standards respectively. LVESD, LVEDD, EF, FS, PWT, SET, LAD, ARD, RVD together with LVM, LWWT, and FFM and vo2max were higher in case of high level swimmers compared with low level ones
The results supported the view that exercise training induces dilation of LV diastolic dimension that result in LV hypertrophy and these changes might contribute the higher Vo2 max of the high level swimmers.


there is evidence of cardiace dimensions enlargement in well trained swimmers compared with lener trainedones .




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