The Relevant Research On Hb And Bun And Sportspsychological Ability Of Guangdong Synchronized Swimming Athletes In Strengthening Training

Por: Nansheng Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Sports feature of synchronized swimming is high sport intensity and complex sport technique. The girls must complete
all highly difficult acrobatic skill in about 5 minutes in water. So, it requires excellent bodily function and psychological
ability exetremly. Strengthening training (STT) is a kind of training mode of Guangdong Synchronized Swimming
Team. There could be some relations between blood biochemical indices and psychological ability in strengthening
training. But, what was the relation, and how had their changing been done? We want to study the static or dynamic
relevant feature between biochemical indices and sport psychological ability.

The participants of our study is the 49-players of Guangdong synchronized swimming team. Testing their blood
biochemical indices and psychological ability before and in strengthening training, the strengthening training is defined
as body quality training and technical training. The average age of these girls was 19.09±2.78. At first, we tested seven
kinds of sport psychological ability and blood biochemical indices before strengthening training. Then during the last
stage of strengthening training period, we tested both psychological ability and biochemical indices again.
Psychological ability indices includes: Simple Reaction Time (SRT), Synthetical Reaction (SR), Motion Sense Time
Estimation ability (MST), Spatial Direction Judgement ability (SDJ), Time &Space Judgement ability (TSJ), Visual
Memory (VM) and Operation Thinking (OT).The blood biochemical indices include: HB,BUN. The measuring
instruments of psychological
indices come from Chinese Sport Scientific institute. The testing instrument of blood biochemical indices is BUN
analysis instruments YSI-23I (American), and SBL-30 (Shandong , China).

The state of blood biochemical indices and sport psychological ability indices before strengthening training had
appeared in table 1. From the comparison of result, it was showed that HB of these girls had dropped (P<0.05) and the
level of BUN had increased obviously (P<0.01) in STT. It was said that bodily strength was going down ,and bodily
fatigue was making out. Meanwhile, except VM and OT, with the dropping of serum biochemical indices, the girls’
other five kinds of sport psychological ability (SRT,SR, MST,SDJ,TSJ) have increased obviously in STT (P<0.05 or

Discussion / Conclusions
It has been known that HB and BUN are the common indices to measure the training fatigue. According to general
opinion, when body function descends and makes out fatigue in intensity load training, the sport psychological function
also drops. But our research had found that sport psychological ability increased oppsitely, when some biochemical
indices (HB,BUN) had appeared down. The testing comparison result declared the girls’ seven sport psychological
ability have increased in strengthening training with the dropping of blood biochemical indices (Table 1). It was said
that the psychological function wouldn’t go down with dropping of physical function, but increasing on some degree.
Synchronized swimming combines to both physical strength and technique. It requires excellent both bodily strength
and psychological adaptness very well. But in the static state some psychological ability possess some "lazyness". In
other word, when the body had been endured a amount of training load for a longer time, psychological function would
keep consistence with physical potentiality. When bodily strength was exhausting, psychological adaptability could
begin to be activated by sport intensity. So, when these girls’ body was in a kind of state activated by a amount of sport
intensity, psychological "lazyness" was eliminated, psychological ability was released also, the sport mental ability
effect was increased. This situation is very similar with some physical function which must play the best effect in body
having gone into for a amount of sport intensity.
Some studies have reported that mental ability degree of accuracy and stable was lower also in the low activated level
of body. Our research has come out alike conclusion. But in the changes of seven kinds of psychological ability, there
was just five kinds of them (SRT, SR, MST, SDJ, TSJ) to be increased in strengthening training of synchronized
swimming athletes. Testing result of VM and OT didn’t improve. The reason could come from the event feature of
synchronized swimming. Mental ability of SRT, SR, MST, SDJ, TSJ plays a important role in the exhibition of
synchronized swimming. They are the most basic psychological ability for synchronized swimming athletes.

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