The research about the configuration of life sports facilities of shanghai

Por: Jianguo Li e Zhang Ying.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This paper applied some measures like questionnaire, visiting specialist, mathematical statistics, analysis of typical cases and comparative research. Combining with the city’s construct to investigate the life style of citizens of Shanghai, the aim is to cater to the citizens’ demand of sports facilities and establish an ideal model of sports facilities which can match with the metropolis-Shanghai.
Through researching the relationship between the life style of citizens and the development of the modernization of the city and combing with the abroad relevant experiences, According to the characteristics of citizens’ time and space., the author researched the formula about the life sports facilities in the three space (daily life space, weekend life space and day-off life space)., The author had solved the following problems in this paper:
1. How the sports facilities can match with the construction of the city?
2. which sports facilities can cater to the citizens’ sports demand of sports facilities in all levels?
3. How to collaborate the construction of sports facilities with other facilities?
The author had drawn some conclusions from the research :
1. The tendency of life sports facilities is more socialized, entertaining and multiple.
2. Life sports facilities need to be multi-functional and multi-oriented and to cater to the citizens’ sports demand of sports facilities in all levels.
3. Entertainment sports facilities will be the central constitution of sports facilities.
4. Life sports facilities need the combination of macro-control of government with market in charge.
5. The reasonable distribution of life sports facilities respectively in community, county municipality.
6. The construction of life sports facilities is a branch system from the construction of whole city and it must cooperate with the city planning.


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