The research interaction between the mass media and professional sport

Por: Yanfang G. E. e Yongmin Hua.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The content and the forms of mass media and professional sport have been constantly changing and developing since the last century. The contact between them has become more and more closely and frequently than before. With the emergence of new media such as radio, television and the Internet, the influence of mass media has spread through everywhere in the world[1]. With the help of mass media, professional sport has spread its influence rapidly and is attracting more and more attention. Mass media has made professional sport change a lot, especially after the comprehensive intervention of television[2].
At the same time, professional sport has conquered and cultivated mass media. Professional sports events have been chosen as very important report objects by the media, not only the traditional media but also the new Internet media, because professional sports events can attract the attention from all ranges of society and also can help mass media gain a lot of economic benefits.
The interaction of mass media and professional sport is created from practices. Only few researches in this subject can be found. To do further research on the interaction between both sides will not only help those who participate in the media activities to better understand the characteristics of the sports market but also the rules of market operation. Those include: finding good locations and opportunities to pursue, adjusting media strategies, improving character, attracting increased attention and coverage, developing full potential and increasing more benefits and returns.


By using the documentation method, the logical and deductive method, the comparative method, the interview method and investigation on the spot, etc., based upon journalism and communication theories, sociology, sports economics, media economics, attention economics, cross subjects, and the latest research achievements.


1.The interaction actualities of mass media and professional sport can be developed from three aspects: a. Professional sport drives the development of sports media effectively; b. Mass media promotes the development of professional sport actively; c. The interaction between both sides will conflict probably sometimes.
2. The mechanism of interaction between both sides can be described as followings: Professional sport attracts extensive attention from receiver and becomes the ideal target market of mass media by the reason of its uniqueness and appeal; It booms the prosperity of media issuance market and makes mass media keep ahead in the advertisement market. Accordingly, professional sports broads the influence scope with the help of mass media and quickens the speed of development for the world.
3.The major reasons which influence the mass media and professional sport to choose each other and interact. When mass media determines to choose professional sport, it will take into account the advantage of the sports events, degree of receivers’ attention, the level of sports competition, the performance skill and ability, the attraction of sports super stars, the understanding of media of sports resources, the situation of different countries, and the different cultural backgrounds, etc. When professional sport decides to choose mass media, it will evaluate if the mass media has enough authority, influential power and can be trusted to build a cooperative relationship with. They will also have in consideration these factors: how to set up and plan the integrated marketing goal of professional sport, what is the advertisement effect that the sponsor wants to get and how much is the price of television transmission etc.
4.The way to make mass media and professional sport interact effectively. Professional sport should take efforts to better its characters, strengthen the comprehensive cooperation with media[3]. Accordingly, mass media should introduce advanced ideas and techniques to meet the needs of the professional sport market and create a good atmosphere. Market regulation and perfection of the rules of law will guarantee the interaction effectively.

Discussion / Conclusions

The interaction between mass media and professional sport has become a universal phenomena all over the world. Pursuing more effective interaction is consequential trend, besides it will play a very important role in the practice in the future.
The researcher of both sides should strengthen cooperation further in order to comprehensively resolve new problems which will emerge subsequently, at the same time the practitioner should do it in the separate marketing operation.
Afterwards, they can strengthen the cooperation between the researcher and practitioner, thereby increasing total benefits of mass media and professional sport effectively.


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