The research of effects and countermeasures on stadium communication in 2008 beijing olympic games

Por: Guangjin Wang e Pulin Luo.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Through analysing the questionnaire from 41 experienced constables’ answer about Effects and Countermeasures on Stadium communication in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the paper aims at offering some suggestions of stadium communication in 2008Olympic Games and offering some theoretical suggestions for each kind of large scale sports meet.


With document information law, investigation law, mathematical statistical law and logic inference law, the result of the paper mainly come from some experts, Who work in Beijing communication management section, China General Administration of sports, the Information Centre of China General Administration of Sports and Xi’an Physical Education Institute.

Result &Conclusion

Under the certain "hardware" precondition, such as city road, road net layout, match place and intelligent technology, the paper should take spectator’s feeling and emotion as the inherent clue and is directed against researching those effects: management, weather, exhibitions, people sums, matches, etc.. Research result shows: (1) it is probably more effective to research the problem from the effecting matches factors and some "software"-related with the matches, not only from the city roads, city roads’ net, public communication, and so on. Under some definite "hardware", to solve the problem should consider spectator’s feeling as the inherent clue, strengthen to publicize the communication laws and consult the seasoned constable then get some ideas, which could make the solving plan feasible and actually effective.(2)How to scientifically solve the problem? Under the premise of the scientific form of investigating objects and lots of investigating objects, it can use the AIC (Akaike’s Information Criterion) to filter some important variables, the methods of list box to analyse the structure of the qualities variable, the means of the log-liner mord to choose the best model of structure, and then analyses and commentate the model structure with the pertinent knowledge. It may be more effective.


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