The research on constitution difference between adults in minority region and han dominating region

Por: Ke Ning e Shengh Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In Most region of China, including Hunan province, Han is dominating nation. Most minority people in Hunan inhabits in XiangXi minority autonomous region, a mountainous underdeveloped area. The purpose of the research is to find the constitution difference between the adult inhabit in minority region and that in Han dominating region. Two group of adults were drawn from each region, the constitution of the groups were compared, the reason of the differences were probed. This research is a part of work of the 2000 National constitution investigation of China.


Adults age from 20 to 59 were divided into 8 groups for every 5 years old. In every group, adults were subdivided into subgroups with 3 different kinds of occupation (Peasants, City physical labours and City un-physical labours) and different gender (male and female). 50 adults in every subgroups, that is 2400 in total, were selected randomly as research objectives in the XiangXi Minority region. With the same way total 7200 objective were selected in Han dominating region of Hunan. Various constitution item such as weight, height, waist perimeter, sitting-position bend , Quetelet index, WHR(waist-perimeter/ hip-perimeter rate), BFR(body fat rate), step test index were measured ,calculated and estimated.


Results show the male of minority region group is 3.233cm shorter (P<0.001) than Han region one, while female is 1.130cm shorter(P<0.001). WHR of minority region of both male and female is greater (P<0.01) than that of Han region while the BFR is lower(P<0.001). Quetelel index of minority region adults is also greater (P<0.01 for female but P>0.01 for male). These suggest the minority region adult is thicker, stouter and more muscular. Step test index of minority region male is higher(P<0.01 for male but P>0.01 for female) than that of Han region , that implies more powerful cardiorespiratory function of minority region adults especially for male. The value of the item sitting -position bend of minority region male and female is greater(P<0.001) than that of Han region one, that suggests more flexible of minority region adults. Overall, though inhabits in remote area and lives a relative poor life, the adult of XianXi minority region is better on many aspects of constitution than Han region adult of Hunan.


[1]. The 2000 Survey on Constitution of Hunan Province, Hunan Science Press









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