The research on the function and layout of sport installations for shanghai city in china

Por: Geng-hua Lu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Raising the life quality of city is the important guiding thought that make out the development plan of Shanghai city that to be world-class city . The research has studied the basic rule of the behavior of physical exercises of the citizen as well as the relationship of the sport facility and the city’s development from the degree of the life by the theory of the life space, constructing the mode of the layout of the function of the Shanghai sport life installations, and to improve the quality of the city-life.


The research methods of documentary,questionnaire,comparison and statistics were used.


(1). The life sport facility of Shanghai city should build the three layout of physical exercises installations which daily-life circle, weekend-life circle and holiday or festive-life circle by to use the experience of the international as a reference, according to the model of life circle , based on the character of the time-space of the citizen’s life behavior and the sport’s behavior. (2). The citizen in the daily-life circle gives priority to keep fit .The citizen in the weekend-life
circle gives priority to the recreational activity. The citizen in the holiday or festive-life circle gives priority to the featured sport activity. (3). The citizen in the daily-life circle presents the diversified trend which turning the traditional
model to keeping-fit, leisure, recreation, social interaction and so on. The physical activity of citizen in the weekend-life circle turns their activities to sport-leisure and recreation. The physical activities of citizen in the holiday or festival-life circle turns to the more featured physical activities.


The mode of the function arrangement of the city life sport installation: The function of daily-life circle gives priority to keeping-fit .The function of weekend life circle gives priority to sport-leisure or recreation. The sport activities of holiday or festival-life circle taking the featured physical activities as it,s main function .


[1]. Wan Xin-zhong,etc, Study on the social Space Structure in China City[M],Beijing: Published by Science,2000




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