the scientific and methodological bases of the physical education system of preschool children

Por: Krishna Katara e Ramesh Indoliya.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Children’s preschool establishments are called υροπ to work together with parents to bring υρ children, protect andimprove their health, instiII ίπ them elementary practical skills and positive attitude to work, to show concern about their, aesthetic education, to prepare them for schooI and bring them υρ ίπ a spirit to respect for their elders, and love for their country.
Ιn the geήeral physical education system of the ΙΝΟΙΑ, That of children occupies and importance place. The basis for the sound health, corresponding with physical development, vitality and physical capacities is laid int he preschool years. The formation of a child’s physical abilities is closely linked with his mental and moral development and withthe development of all his most improtant psychological functions and individual traits.
The Signifιcance of thsi group of tasks stems from teh fact that despite quick growth and development of the organs and systems of a child’s body, their activity is as yet not full developed, the boςly’s protective properties are still weak and smaII children are vulnerable to illness. Therefore, It is important to ensure the satisfactory and timely development of the bone and ligamental of the spinal column, the .arches of the feet and other muscle groups, especially those of the respiratory muscles.
The correct correlation between the parts of the body is an indicator of a chίld’s sound health : height, weight and ches measurements should change ίπ proportionto age.
The formation and development of basic movements (walking, running, jumping, throwing and catching, climbingj etc.) are also important, as is the acquiring of the ?lbilityto perform general and driIIed eχercises, to ski, skate, cycle, swim and sledge and elementary game skill. It is therefore necessary to develop physical qualities (agility, speed, strength, endurance) along with p’sychological and mental processes and to instill knowledge connected with physical eχercise. The development of correct posture is alsΌ essential. The instillίng of personal and publίc hygi_ne is also withint he sphere of the physical educaiton of this age group.



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