The study of the actuality,characteristic,object,and solution of elite sports in chinas schools

Por: Qi-lin Sun e Sheng-yi Gu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In order to make elite sports in China’s schools to further develop, training mode should be improved. Scientific
Training should be adjusted to be adapted to increasingly hard competition. 2.


Referring literatures, Questionnaire survey, Induction etc
Result and analysis
3.1 The actuality and characteristic of elite sports in China ’s schools
Under the background of government support and efforts of many sport workers, elite sports in China’s schools have gotten a lot of successful experiences and achievements after long and hard exploration. Especially, associations of twenties sports’ items have been set up fifties universities and two hundred middle schools were authorized to set up high-level sport teams; a team of higher level coaches and a high-level sport team were fundamentally formed. Table tennis and Go etc gained excellent achievements ίη many international and important toumaments. However, elite sports is a systems engineering which has many factors, variables and levels. So, there are many problems between management system, reserve, outlay and scientific training level which hold elite sports in China’s schools back to further develop.
The main characteristics of elite sports in China’s schools: goverment system gives many supports, training system of
multi-level and multi-mode h_s fundamentally been set up, it has the features of amate.urism, culture and time-efficient etc. Study shows that elite sports in China’s schools has big potentiality to develop.
3.2 The object of elite sports in China’s schools
Οn the basis of the principle of ,exerting merits and avoiding demerits, the article draws the strategic emphases of elite sport development in China’s school: the first is track and field, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and swimming etc; the second is eurythmics, badminton, handball etc, others are generic. The study shows that οη the basis of improving management system and training environment, elite sports in China’s schools will cultivate an excellent sport team for China before or after 2010; some items will gain good achievements in national tournaments; some items will get gold medals.
3.3The solution of elite sport development in China’s school
3.3.1 Excellent athletes should be cultivated through many means and channels and the implantation of multi-training-mode should be strengthened.
3.3.2 Improving the level of scientific training, establishing highly exact scientific control which is based οη the combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses, realizing pattemized, formalized and simulated training, optimizing knowledge and capability structures of coaches should be correctly grasped. So, from now coaches should be further cultivated group by group. The eligible are given employee’s card while the unqualified aren’t given.

Conclusion and suggestion

The development of elite sports must have enough reserve. So, excellent athletes should be cultivated through many means and channels. Especially, the combination of school and palestra, the cooperation of school and enterprise and the pyramidal and longitudinal training mode of from elementary schools to middle schools to universities should be strengthened. The core of enhancing elite sport performance is scientific training and improving intellectual and capability structures. So, the monitoring ofthese factors should be especially strengthened.


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