The Study Research Of Interacting Scientific Atmosphere Model System Of Pe Graduate Students

Por: Bing Chuan Sun, Cheng Tang, Chuan Ning Sun, Weiguo Sun e Zhenguo Shi.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This research tries to build an Interacting Scientific Atmosphere Model that fits the PE graduate students. Its purpose
lies in stimulating the scientific passion of the PE graduate students,in exploring their abilities of scientific creativity
and enhancing the scientific ability of them, in order to promote continuous development of PE scientific enterprise of
our country. This study has creative, basical, whole and long-term strategic significance.

Systematic analysis methods

Building of Interacting Mold of PE Graduate Student Scientific Atmosphere Model System
1 Interacting Mold of Scientific Atmosphere Model
2 Guiding Ideology of Building Interacting Mold of Scientific Atmosphere Model System
3 Interacting Mold of PE Graduate Student Scientific Atmosphere

The building of graduate-student’s study-air model system on P.E. is not only a great system project, the need of
Chinese P.E. occupation attending in competition with world, but also certain choice to the development of science
study of P.E. Its proper usement is important to carry out "Science and Technology implulsing P.E. Developing with
science study of is sure to be mainleader of development of science study on P.E.

[1]. Weiguo Sun Tang Cheng,Vol.16 No.4(Serial No.57)Aug 2002《Development about a System That Was Mutually
Promoting Cultivating Pattern for the Graduate Student of Physical Education and Monitored by People and
Computer》[J]Journal of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education

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