The trend ans solution of china social aging

Por: Qi-lin Sun e Sheng-yi Gu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In order to be adaptable to the fast development of social aging and the people’s increasing demand for sport and cultivate modern people of physical and mental development, the paper takes practical study about setting up the physical education mode of school-society-family-union to improve the physical education system.
Setting up the physical education mode of school-society-family-union


Reference Experiment Consulting experts etc. By Delphi method, twenty-five experts are invited to reach about the existed disadvantages of current physical education purpose and setting up the physical education mode of school-society-family-union.
Result and analysis
1.The analysis of current countries’ physical education purpose
A lot of research materials show whether the united states or England or Finland or Japan or China, physical education purpose is obviously the same in the way of strengthening physical fitness, developing physical abilities, cultivating talents and increasing social responsibility. But they all have the same following disadvantages:
The absence of contents and methods of definitely touching nature; the absence of cultivating physical abilities and creative spirit; the absence of developing characteristics measures; physical education among school, society and family is out of line.
2.The three basic opinions of designing the school-society-family-physical education-mode facing new century.
Developing characteristic; being adaptable to the school development and combined with nature; cultivating life-sport.
3.The physical education mode of school-society-family-union
The mode has the structure characteristics of child-youth- old people physical education and school-society-family combination, which not only increases the vigor of schools’ physical education but also inspires the society-family physical education function.
The mode has different own purposes, contents and methods and is combined with nature and society to improve the ability of being adaptable to environment.
Among the mode, family physical education is the beginning part and school physical education is the central part and society physical education is the extended part. Specially, the university physical education of school physical education has the function of creative education. So, the university direction for social and family physical education should be strengthened.


The mode of school-society-family-union connects one another to provide new thought and practical contents for improving physical education system.





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