Training evaluation of luo xuejuan with chinese jin_luo theory

Por: Xiaoyang Xu, Yadong Zhang e Yijiang Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Jin-Luo theory is one of the essential theories in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used to diagnose illness. Many researchers have shown that Jin-Luo also has close relation with the central nerve system. And it may be referred to the specific connection regularities between one part and the other part of the body surface or between the body surface and the remote internal organs. Training can affect both the central nerve system and the external organs (like skeletal muscle et al.). We speculate that Jin-Luo may reflect the relation between the changes of central and external system after training.


Jin-Luo measurement were used to Luo Xuejuan every morning and after training from May to July 2003. She is one of the most elite swimmers in Chinese national swimming team and won three Gold Plats in 2003 International Swimming Championship in Barcelona. The measurement was done by an instrument designed by Ms. Li Yijian. This instrument has been identified by Guang Dong Provincial Bureau of Science and Technical Supervision.


The Jin-Luo measurement shown that Luo Xuejuan had obvious change in the meridians going along her arm after training. The resistance of these meridians increased markedly. But other swimmers hadn’t this increase. It was also shown that Luo Xuejuan hadn’t kidney Yang deficiency. Her heart and liver were all nearly not affected by training. But others all had kidney Yang deficiency, and had some degree of deficiency in their heart or liver.
Discussion and Conclusions
The results shown that the training had availably affected the skeletal muscle in Luo Xuejuan’s arm. And her mentation were steady. From the point of view that fatigue is control by central nerve system, it is reasonable to suppose that Luo Xuejuan was adapted to the training project for both body and brain. Or we can say that her coach had made her a perfect training program. So her body and her brain were all adapted the training and hadn’t any deficiency. The results also emphasized the importance of the selection of players. We also believe that the Jin-Luo theory can explain the effects of training and forecast the performance.


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