vital interests/painful areas of society and knowledge basis of olympic education

Por: Vladimir Rodichenko.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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at present the major part of studies in the area of Olympic education are dedicated to the organizational and methodical problems. The main aim of the present long-term study is to find a general approach to the selection of the material for the textbooks addressed directly to the students.
theoretical analysis.


1. The sport is considered to be a model of society by many researchers.
2. The Olympic education may be considered to be one of the educational models of sport.
3. The main aim of the Olympic education is an understanding of the real problems of society by the young generations.
4. Vital interests and crisis situations of post-industrial society may be clearly associated with the concrete facts from the area of Olympic Games, Olympic Movement and Olympism which form the knowledge basis of Olympic education. 5. The author will list some notions within A-group (social life) and B-group (sport itself).
A-group: identity common to all mankind, civil society, common ethical principles, Fair Play in everyday life, social progress, progress of culture and civilization, democracy, tolerance, cooperation, humanistic ideas, social optimism, harmony and harmonious development of a person, world system of international associations, the environment, xenophobia, discrimination, terrorism.
B-group: sport as a social phenomenon, peaceful character of sport, the Olympic Games as a modern social and economical project, the ethics of sport, Fair Play in sport, negative sides of sport.


These A and B lists are not comprehensive ones. Of course, the creation of the knowledge basis of Olympic education is a endless process.


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