Wingate Anaerobic Test Versus Other Anaerobic Field Tests Among High Level Hurdlers

Por: Iskra Janusz.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The Wingate Anaerobic Test (W ΑηΤ) is generally used evaluate anaerobic performance. During W AnT thrce fractions
ofthe energy from aerobic, anaerobic alactic and lactic acid metabolism is respectivly 18,6-31,3-50,3% [1,3]. The
purpose ofthis study was fo find relationship between W AnT and five, anaerobic (both alactic and lactic) field tests.

Twenty-four hurdlers (400 m hurdle time, 53,14 (2,31 s); age 20,49 (2,69 years); body hight 181,83 (6,75 m); body
weight 73,30 (6,37 kg) were participated ίη this study. Each subject commpleted 30 s W ΑηΤ (Monark 824 Ε) and five
other field tests: 30 m and 500 m run, standing triple jump (STJ), back 4 kg shot throw (BST) and 300 m hurdle run
(300 m Η). ΑΙΙ assesments were completed ίn two periods: ίη May and ίη August. From W AnT parameters was chose,
peak power (ΡΡ) and total work (TW). Statistical methods included paired t-test and Pearson coaelation coefficient

There is ηο statistical differences between W AnT ίη two periods oftraining. Defferences beetwen four field tests
(except 30 m sprint run) were statistically significanty, mainly ίη two special endurance runs: 500 m and 300 m Η (table
1). There is significant coaelation between W AnT parameters and anaerobic field performances, specially ίη August(table 2).

Discussion/ Conclusions
These observations confirm previous study [2]. From a practical standpoint 30-s W AnT may lead to helped ίη 400 m
hurdlers monitoring ίη precompatition and competition periods

[1]. Beneke R. et αl. (2002). Eur. J Αρρl. Physiol. 87,388 - 392
[2]. Dαwson Β. et αl. (1994). Aus. J Sci. Med. Sport. 4, 88-93.
[3]. Wαrd-SmithA.J (1997). J SportSci. 15,517-526.

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