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Newsletter Ncpad- Julho/2011

NCPAD NEWS: July 2011
Volume 10, Issue 7


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THIS MONTH’S TOPICS From the Editor’s Desk: Sticks for Kids/GAIN - Inclusive Golf Training Program

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (Alliance) has teamed up with Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) Foundation and its junior golf program, Sticks for Kids, to bring you this unique training opportunity to ensure that all individuals with disabilities have access to play the game of golf. The event will takes place August 29th through the 30th. 
Leading GAIN™ training specialists Gary Robb, recently retired Executive Director of the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University and LPGA/PGA Professional Judith Alvarez will bring two exciting half-days of education, including classroom and hands-on opportunities for which continuing education credits will be available. This must-attend event will be a vital tool for your golf, physical education or rehabilitation programs. 

To learn more, go to:

Send your questions and comments to Jenny Carlton, NCPAD News Editor, at

From the Information Specialist’s Desk: NCPAD Video Contest Update And More!

Video Contest – Update!

Videos are currently being reviewed for the NCPAD Video Contest. People with disabilities turned in great videos answering the question "How do you get enough?" physical activity. Entrants showed how they swam, danced, cycled, biked, climbed, played sports such as basketball, bowled, painted, and much more. Winners will be announced on August 1!

The Community is a Perfect Place to Start - Be Active Your Way Blog
By: Jenny Carlton - 

Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign

"Not Acceptable" is a powerful and compelling 30 second television PSA which gives voice to a variety of diverse communities each of whom expresses that it is not acceptable to call them by what were once common words, but are now recognized as offensive slurs. It culminates in actress and self-advocate Lauren Potter from "Glee" stating that it is not acceptable to use the word ’retard’ and she and "Glee" co-star Jane Lynch make a call to action to stop using the word and to promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to make their pledge online at

To watch the video, go to:

Vote for Project VisAbility in PEPSI REFRESH (Everyday in JULY!)

Project VisAbility is currently in the running (in JULY) for a $25K grant through the Pepsi Refresh project with our submitted idea called: "Help Disabled Veterans get Jobs – Let’s take the "dis" out of disability". The $25K grants will go to the top 15 ideas with the most votes during the month. You can vote every day directly through the Pepsi Refresh website or through Facebook. AND, you can also vote by sending a text with: 107344 to PEPSI (73774) to place your vote. 

Please help us this month by doing the following:
1. Vote for our idea - take a brief moment each day in JULY to go online and/or text (info is below)
2. Forward this e-mail message on to everyone you know, so that they can vote too, it’s a really good cause
3. "Like", "tweet" and/or comment on our idea on Facebook and Twitter, also on LinkedIn

To Vote, go to:

Do you have a spinal cord injury that prevents you from walking? You may qualify for our research study. 

All people with spinal cord injury who do not walk lose significant amounts of bone in their lower extremities and have an increased risk of fractures. We are seeking participants for a research study evaluating ways of increasing bone density and bone strength. This study is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (STU#00033380). 

The study will take place over the course of 12 months. Eligible participants will be asked to use either an injectable FDA-approved drug called Forteo, or a placebo, as well as a small vibration platform to be used in the home. The study is designed to test the effects of such treatment on bone density in patients with spinal cord injury. 
As part of the year-long study, you will make 8 visits to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 345 E. Superior St. in Chicago, as well as 4 visits to the University of Illinois Medical Center, 1801 W. Taylor St. in Chicago. 

If you are eligible and you complete the research study requirements, you can earn up to $500 for your time and travel. 

To learn more about the study and to schedule a screening appointment, please contact the study coordinator: 

Phone: 312-503-1215 

More news you might have missed this past month:

New Product: SoftStep KeyWorx 

The Able Tailor

Abilities Expo Needs A NEW Logo!

Nutrition Spotlight: Summer Food Swaps

Want to learn to still enjoy summer goodies, but stay healthy, too? Well, then this month’s column will help you do just that. Summer is a time when healthy eating can be overshadowed by ice cream and barbeques. So, learn some ways where you can still indulge, but won’t feel guilty. 

To read this month’s column, go to

Training Corner: Communication: The Key to Success for Fitness Professionals Working with Individuals with Hearing Impairments

Individuals with hearing impairments generally do not have limitations when it comes to physical activities. However, trainers need to be aware of the considerations and adaptations for effective communication within an exercise setting. In addition, there are different types of hearing impairments. So when working with this clientele, there will be accommodations, and assistance from others that will be required to have a successful relationship. 

To read this month’s column, please go to:

Research: Resistance Training and Chronic Disease

Resistance training (RT) is a form of strength training in which each effort is performed against a specific opposing force generated by resistance (i.e. resistance to being pushed, squeezed, stretched or bent). Resistance training is beneficial to all individuals, and is a great way to increase strength. This month’s research column goes over current studies that demonstrate the role of RT in adults with or at risk for chronic diseases. 

To read this article, please go to:


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NCPAD’s partner affiliates include the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), the National Center on Accessibility (NCA), The Arc of the U.S, the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD), and UCP National. Friendly, highly trained Information Specialists are available through a toll-free hotline and TTY at 1-800-900-8086,, or fax 1-312-355-4058 to provide personalized responses to your questions.


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