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Congresso Internacional de Legislação Desportiva. Varsóvia, 19 a 21 de Novembro de 2009


É bom acompanharmos o que rola no estrangeiro. Melhor ainda é traduzir os trabalhos (ou pelo menos resumos;-) e colocar na biblioteca do CEV. O programa do Congresso, que acontece até amanhã em Varsóvia, está colado abaixo. A página do evento: http://www.iasl2009.pl/

with the cooperation of: Ministry of Sport and Tourism of The Republic of Poland

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Arrival of Participants
14.00–16.00 IASL Board of Directors Meeting
(Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, 11 Królewska Str., Warsaw—Salon Królewski, 2nd floor)
16.15 Bus transfer Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria—John Paul II Olympic Center
(Meeting point: hotel lobby)
17.00–17.30 Museum of Sports and Tourism Sightseeing
(John Paul II Olympic Center, 4 Wybrzeże Gdyńskie Str., Warsaw—3rd and 4th floors)
Language: English
17.30–19.30 Congress Opening Ceremony
(John Paul II Olympic Center, 4 Wybrzeże Gdyńskie Str., Warsaw—Olympian Club, 6th floor)
Language: English
Jacek Foks—Chairman of the 15 IASL Congress Organizing Committee, IASL Special Secretary
Prof. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos—IASL President
Speech of the Guest of Honor:
Dr. Adam Giersz—Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland
19.30 Bus transfer John Paul II Olympic Center–Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria
(Meeting point: John Paul II Olympic Center, ground floor)

Friday, 20 November 2009

9.00–17.00 Registration
Venue: Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, 11 Królewska Str., Warsaw—Salon Belweder, 2nd floor
Languages: English, French (session 1 and 2), Greek, Polish
9.30–11.00 Session 1
Major Sports Events and Law
Chairman: Prof. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, GREECE
1. Tomasz Zahorski, POLAND, “Legal Framework for Important Sports Events on the Example
of Poland as Co-host of UEFA EURO 2012™”
2. Dimitri Papanikolau, GREECE/FRANCE, “Le droit du sportif a` son image”
3. Tone Jagodic, SLOVENIA, “Legal Regulation of Sports Marketing”
4. Prof. Kim Eun Kyung, KOREA, “Several Legal Issues of Korean Professional Sports —Focusing on the Draft System in Korean Football League”
11.00–11.15 Coffee Break
11.15–12.45 Session 2
Betting and Sport—legal aspects
Chairman: Prof. Andrzej J. Szwarc, POLAND
1. Dr. Özgerhan Tolunay, TURKEY/SWITZERLAND, “Evaluation on the Gambling and Betting Regulations in Turkish Sports & Expectations of Clubs”
2. Prof. Lucio Colantuoni, ITALY, “Betting and Sports: a Comparative Legal Analysis”
3. Prof. Marios Papaloukas, GREECE, “Betting on Sports Events”
12.1512.45 Special Presentation
Marcin Herra—President of the PL.2012 Board, “UEFA EURO 2012™ Project PL.2012—the coordinator and overseer of preparation undertakings for European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2012™ in Poland
12.45–13.45 Lunch
13.45–15.15 Session 3
National Sports Law (1)
Chairman: Prof. Huang Shixi, CHINA
1. Prof. Alexandru Virgil Voicu, ROMANIA, “Aspects Concerning Law Enforcement in the Case of Violent Behaviour in Sports and Physical Education Activities (Romania)”
2. Prof. Andrzej J. Szwarc, POLAND, “Corruption and Sport. Polish Penal Law Aspects”
3. Prof. Georgios Kipreos, GREECE, “Administrational Management of Disciplinary Problems in Athletics in Greece: Kefalopoulos-Papagianni Case”
4. Prof. Jolanta Żyśko, POLAND, “System of Sport Governance in Europe”
15.15–15.30 Coffee Break
15.30–17.00 Session 4
National Sports Law (2)
Chairman: Prof. Andras Nemes, HUNGARY
1. Ioannis Mournianakis, GREECE, “Overriding Reasons of Public Interest in Sport. A Critical Overview of the Justifications of Restrictions of Fundamental Freedoms on the Basis of Reasons of Public Interest—Also a Review of the Recent Opinion of AG Sharpston (case C 325/08, Olympique Lyonnais)”
2. Romana Troicka-Sosińska, POLAND, “Projects of the New Polish Sports Law Act”
3. Prof. Huang Shixi, CHINA, “Doping Control and Legal Regulation in China Sports: What We Learnt and What Should We Do?”
4. Dr. Iskander M. Amirov, RUSSIA, “Safety in the Sphere of Sports: Concept, Kinds, the General Tendencies of Its Maintenance”
17.00–18.00 IASL General Assembly
(Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, 11 Królewska Str., Warsaw—Salon Belweder, 2nd floor) IASL Members only
18.00–20.00 Dinner
(Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, 11 Królewska Str., Warsaw—Terrace, 2nd floor)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Venue: Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, 11 Królewska Str.,Warsaw—Salon Belweder, 2nd floor
9.00–10.30 Session 5
Theory of Sports Law. European Union Sports Law and Policy
Chairman: Rafał Piechota, POLAND
1. Dr. Adnan Wali, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, “The Theory of Sport Law: Towards a Specific Legislation for Sport Transactions”
2. Prof. Kee Young Yeun, KOREA, “Necessities and Agenda for the Comparative Studies of Sports Law”
3. Dr. Magdalena Kędzior, POLAND, “Criminalization of Trade and Trafficking in Doping Substances in the EU”
4. Renata Kopczyk, POLAND, “Sport in the EU Lisbon Treaty”
10.30–10.45 Coffee Break
10.45–12.15 Session 6
National Sports Law vs. International Federations Regulation
Chairman: Prof. Kee Young Yeun, KOREA
1. Prof. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, GREECE, “Lex Sportiva in the Context of National Law—Some Examples from the Recent Greek Case law”
2. Dr. Wiktor Cajsel, POLAND, “National Sports Law vs. Regulations of International Sports Federations—On the Example of Polish Common Law and Internal Law of Polish Football Association and FIFA”
3. Jacek Foks, POLAND, “Polish Sports Law and International Law”
4. Prof. Jae Kyoung Lee, KOREA, “Show Me ‘My’ Money!!—Copyright Protection for Sports Movement”
12.15–13.15 Lunch
13.15–14.45 Session 7
International Anti-Doping Regulation
Chairman: Tone Jagodic, SLOVENIA
1. Anna Di Giandomenico, ITALY, “The International Convention Against Doping in Sport and its Coming Into Force in Italian National Legislation”
2. Daniel Gandert, USA, “Puerta: Applying the Principles of Justice to the World Anti-Doping Code”
3. Rafał Piechota, POLAND, “Pluralism and the Diverse Character of Anti-doping Rules”
4. Ricardo Morte Ferrer, SPAIN, “The Fight Against Doping, Are We Fighting the Right Way? Some examples, Specially About the Activity of WADA and Some Data Privacy Problems”
14.45–15.00 Coffee Break
15.00–16.30 Session 8
International Sports Jurisdiction
Chairman: Ioannis Mournianakis, GREECE
1. Katarzyna Grabska, POLAND, “Dispute Resolution in Sport-role of Mediation”
2. Sergios Manarakis, GREECE, “Provisional Measures by CAS/TAS”
3. Mikołaj Pedrycz, POLAND, “Arbitration in International Sport—Organized System or Chaotic Structure”
4. Davidyants Vagan, RUSSIA, “Limits for Foreign Players in Sport”
16.30–17.00 Conclusions and Closing Remarks
1. Prof. Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, GREECE—IASL President
2. Prof. Kee Young Yeun, KOREA—IASL Vice-President, 16 IASL CONGRESS Korea 2010 Organizing Committee
3. Jacek Foks, POLAND—Chairman of the 15 IASL Congress Organizing Committee, IASL Special Secretary

Sunday, 22 November, 2009

9.00–13.00 Warsaw Sightseeing Tour
(Old Town, Royal Castle, Royal Route, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)
(Meeting point: Hotel Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, lobby)
Participants wishing to attend the Warsaw Sightseeing Tour should register not later than 2 pm, 20 November 2009 (Friday), with the Congress Secretariat
Departure of Participants


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