12th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport

De 08-07-2019 até 10-07-2019
Rússia. Moscou


Conference Topics
The 12th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport (IACSS 2019) will be held in Moscow, Russia from 8th to 10th July 2019.
The International Association Computer Science and Sport (IACSS) invites submission of both theoretical and application papers in computer science in sports. The papers are expected to link the computer science topics and sports and exercise science topics.

Computer Science topics:

Modeling and Simulation
Data Analysis
Data Acquisition Systems
Image Processing
Virtual Reality
Information Systems
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Visualization and Visual Analytics
Examples for Special Applications:
Feedback Systems
Predictive Modeling
Decision Support
Digital Games
Network Analysis
Complex Systems Analysis
Bayesian Modeling
Sports and Exercise Science topics:

Motor Control and Learning
Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine
Performance Analysis
Training, Coaching and Feedback
Sports Psychology
Recreation and Rehabilitation
Sports Management
Examples for Special Applications:
Modeling of Adaptation, and Training
Modeling of Performance and Fatigue
Optimization of Strategies for Best Performance
Aging and Exercise
Talent Diagnostics and Development


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