5th European Judo Research and Science Symposium & 4th Scientific and Professional Conference

De 25-07-2018 até 28-07-2018
Croácia. Zagreb


Altogether, 15 different lectures took place in additional to the three practical presentations. The following topics were discussed:

Dr. Ivan Segedi

Application of Research in Judo

Anastasiya Khomutova

Sport Psychology Research and Applied Practice in Combat Sports and Martial Arts

Prof. Emerson Franchini 

Pacing in Judo: Relevance to Performance and Proposed Investigation

Jozaf Simenko/Ivan Segedi/Hrvoje Sertić

Correlating Movement Asymmetry with Competition Performance and Competition Volume in Youth Male Judoka

Renata Barić/Rebeka Prosoli

Psychological Preparation Program for Youth Judo Players, their Coaches and Parents

Mike Callan

Scientific Research in Judo: A Potted History

Attilio Sacripanti/Michel Calmet/Tania De Blasis/Pasculli/Emanuela Pierantozzi

Suwari Seoi Safety: From Children Dojo To High Level Competition (Biomechanical Part)

Slavisa Baric/Mike Callan

Critical Judo Elements in Self-Control Development and Emotional Control

Nemanja Stankovic/Dragan Atanasov/Nikola Milesovic

Judo For the 21st Century. How Successful was the Rule Modification?

Maria Toronjo/Luis Toronjo-Hornillo/Oscar Del Castillo-Andres

Effect of the Safe Fall Programme on Children""


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