Daniel Cossi

Empresario - Cientista da Computação
Brasil, São Paulo - SP.

I am graduated in Computer Science and Masters in Artifical Intelligency and two MBA (Business Inteligency and Marketing), from the age where "internet" was only a black screen with wi=hite or green letters (BBS) and connections were cheaper if you use it between midnight and six AM, so...yes I was there when it all came to light!!!!

Quantum Phisics and Quantum Mechanics lover, writer of Fiction and Fantasy Romances, I have worked in many different areas with my companies, from The Lod of The Rings and The Hobbits trilogy movies, as translator of each one of the movies and also creator and designer of each licensed product from the two trilogiy movies in Brasil, to Risk Routes Assesments to more than 166.000 kilometers in Brasil, technology company specialized in security standard for Financial Banks and Institutions, owner of a data center since 1991, to specialized law firm in tax and labor, financial and business advisoring company and much more.

And Now... my new dedications and passion:

Esports Speaker, Enthusiast and Esports Entrepreneur and Esports Law and Regulation writer, Business Models for Esports Investors and Statute Expert for Esports Organizations (Governance, Transparency and creation of High Court, Chamber of Litigation Resolution, Antidoping Department, Commissions, Referees and other necessary and mandatory areas). 

Experiência Profissional:

Writer of Esports Articles in many areas in Brazil, panamerican and internationaly. Past experience in administration, development, business and financial models, marketing for new products and brands, now 100% devoted to Esports.

Creator of the Esports Brazilian Federal Law (House of Representatives and Senate) and Esports House of Representatives States Laws (Legislative Assemblies), Brazilian Esports regulations and standards for the recognition and creation of Esports in LATAM countries and their business plan, marketing plan, strategical partnership approach on Esports and cultural and educational Esports engagement plan, to make possible their entrance and acceptance as regular sports within LATAM governments. Large leadership experience. Articulated communicator, with superior interpersonal skills to effectively lead and motivate cross-functional teams to accomplish corporate objectives on Esports.

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