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A Geopolítica do Futebol em Transformação: o Caso Chinês Emanuel Leite Jr. e Carlos Rodrigues
A Inserção do Kung Fu no Brasil na Perspectiva dos Mestres Pioneiros Fernando Dandoro Castilho Ferreira
A research on dong minority rugby festival (qiang hua pao) and its reflection of social changes in china Zhiqing Li
A research on mass sports participation of different gender in china Yingbo Guo, Wendi Meng e Xinxian Zou
A study on sports life of the teachers in universities and colleges in west china Chunfang Xu e Hong Tan
A Study On The Evaluation And Th Edevelopment Of Hainans Sports Tourism Resources In China Min-hui Xia
A study on the present situation of government-funded sports researches in china Vários Autores
A Suggested Design Of College Curriculum System In China For Shape And Temperament Buil-up Lianxiang Fan, Zhuoyuan Chen e Celi Cao
An analysis on actuality an d countermeasures for community sports of tianjin city of china Lan-jun Zhou, Li-xin Pei e Wei Cao
Analysis for the development of sports tourism in sichuan, china Boli Liu
Analysis on status quo and countermeasures of supply and demand for sports service product in china Chen Huimin
As Artes Marciais Chinesas e o Wushu Moderno: da Ascese Marcial Ao Novo Corpo Chinês S. C. Junior e C. J. Martins
Baseball and national identity of the republic of china Chien-yu Lin
China 2008... Anécdotas Sobre La Experiencia de Una Periodista Mexicana Durante Los Juegos Paralímpicos Irma Del Carmen Cuevas
Comparative research on curricula system and teaching pattern of pe in some famous universities in china Baohua Zhang e Minghua Zhong
Comparison Of Psychological Stresses Imposed On School Students In China Hao Xuanming e Wan Wenjun
Considerações Acerca de Representações de Práticas Corporais nas Obras Confucianas Registro dos Ritos e Discursos Carlos Alberto Bueno, Du Jinxiang e André Mendes Capraro
Current situation of university students health quality in normal universities of liaoning province in china Shubo Pan e Lan Ma
Developing The Long Distance Education In Physical Major China Hong Tan
Distributional characteristics of relative age in china football players Zhijiang Huang e Xiang Ke
Effects of network on the workings of sports information in china Li Min e Zhong Lian
Globalization of sport culture and consciousness of sport culture in china Xing-hua Deng
Lazer Numa Perspectiva Internacional: Relações Temáticas com o Turismo, os Esportes e a Educação na China Atual Ricardo Ricci Uvinha2
O Futebol na China: do Cuju (蹴鞠) Ao Sonho de Se Tornar Uma Potência Mundial Emanuel Leite Júnior, Carlos Rodrigues
O Olimpismo Hoje. de Uma Diplomacia do Silêncio Para Uma Diplomacia Silenciosa. o Caso das Duas Chinas Gustavo Pires
Olympic mjovement and school physical education in modern china Rui Zhang
Olympics and physical education in china Yu Hua Zeng
On extracurricular physical exercise behavior of college students in china Sheng Chang, Ji Zhi Chen e Ke Yi Ji
Os Megaeventos Esportivos e Seus Impactos: o Caso das Olimpíadas da China Ricardo Ricci Uvinha
Política Pública Como Instrumento de Inovação e Geopolítica: o Caso do Futebol Chinês Emanuel Leite Júnior e Carlos Rodrigues
Present situation and counterneasure of sports consulting industry in china Min Li e Lian Zhong
QìgŌng (气功): Técnica Corporal Chinesa no Programa Saúde da Família em Diamantina-mg. Analiz Pergolizzi
Research and programming of the specialists evaluation system software on heath keeping activities in china Tan Hong
Research on current situation and strategical of the sustainable development of track and field in china Lu Yilin e Tian Feng
Research on personel exchange scheme between elite and reserve personel in china Luo Pulin e Gao Linqi
Research on personnel training for sport tourism in southwest china Huo Hong e Pu Hong Chun
Research on the present situation and the strategies of the sports agent market in china Jianxiang Tan
Seasonal Physical Activity Of Aged People In Cold Region In Pr China Vários Autores
Sport Industry In China Towards 2010- Opportunities And Challenges Jianshe Li
Sports for all and social stratification in contemporary china Shuting Lu e Qia Zhou
Study on th epresent situation and countermeasure of extracurricular sports training in china school Qi Chen
Study On The Motivations Of Collegians To Contact Mass Media Sport Information In China Hui-lin Wang, Wei Yan e Jinnian Zhang
Survey Of Teachers Health In China And Suggested Solutions Yintian Yang, Xiugong Liu e Jintian Yang
The investigation into the life pattern and physical exercise of the elderly in china nowadays Zhang Yong e Zhang Rui
The present situation and developing trend of city elder peoples physical lifestyle in china Li Xin, Yi Zhou e Hua Chen
The relationship between the olympic movement and china Baoli Sun
The research on the function and layout of sport installations for shanghai city in china Geng-hua Lu
The trend ans solution of china social aging Sheng-yi Gu e Qi-lin Sun
Um Brazuca em Shanghai (IV) Jorge Dorfman Knijnik
Voleibol na China Zhu Jiaming
Women sport of modern china Yuli Wang


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