The purpose of this study was to indicate the effectiveness of mild or moderate systematic physical activity upon the improvement of aerobic ability, as well as of muscular strength and flexibility in young, adult and middle-aged people. 300 people (200 male and 100 female, aged 35-60) took part in this study; they were divided into an examination group (E.G.) and a control group (C.G.), each which consisted of 150 people. Both groups were in turn divided into two sub-groups on the basis of he people age (35-48 and 49-60 years old). The examination group was subjected to an exercise programme three times a week, lasting 75 min each time, for 5 months on the whole. The control group didn’t participate in this programme. The exercise programme was composed of brisk walking aiming at the improvement of aerobis ability (in ~ 70% of the time), of strengthening exercises (push ups and sit ups) (in ~20% of the time) and of exercises for the improvement of joint’s flexibility (in ~10% of the time). Measurements took place before and after the application of the programme. The results showed that the people of the examination group improved significantly the following (p< 0,05):
1. their aerobic ability at 8.3%; the male at 10% (the younger ones showed a relatively bigger improvement: 11.4% vs 8.6%); and the female at 6.7% (the younger ones again 7.7% vs 6.3%), 2. the muscular power of the upper limbs at 4.2%; the male at 5% (the younger ones with a relatively bigger improvement of 5.9% vs 4.1%); and the female at 3.4% (the younger ones also of 3.5% vs 3.4%), 3. the muscular power of the lower limbs at 5.6%; the male at 6.2% (the younger ones with a relatively bigger improvement 6.5% vs 5.9%); and the female at 5.2% (the younger ones at 5.4% vs 5%), 4. the power of the spine’s bending at 8.1%; the male at 8.3% (the younger ones with a relatively bigger improvement 9.9% vs 7.6%); and the female at 7.9% (the younger ones at 8.2% vs 7.3%), and 5. the spine’s / body’s flexibility at 3.05%; the male at 3.1% (the younger ones with a relatively bigger improvement at 3.5% vs 2.8%); and the female at 3% (the younger ones at 3.2% vs 2.8%). The people of the control group didn’t show any changes in their corresponding functional abilities. In conclusion, the exercise programme was effective on the improvement of aerobic ability, on the power of the spine and limbs and on flexibility, mainly at the younger ages.