A research of the method of the biomedical supervision nad nutritional remedy to a womens +75 weightlifter during winter

Por: Bai Liu e Zhong Zheng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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After the biochemical indexes as testosterone, hemoglobin, and Creatine kinase (CK) were supervised persistently, we used nutritional remedy at the most decent time according to the result of the test in order to recover the weightlifters’ physical ability and improve the efficiency of our training.Both weightlifters’ physical ability can be recovered and the training to them can be efficient.A new successful method of the biochemical supervision and nutritional remedy is expected to be discovered according to a Women’s +75 weightlifter’s practice.


Experimentation, comparison analysis


We build our biochemical laboratory in the weightlifting team during winter. In the lab, we tested the testosterone by enzyme imunoassay method(only 50ul blood ), and supervised systematically to the weightlifter’s other biochemical indexes. Through the comparison between the result of the biochemical supervision and her normal physical status under training, we found out that she presented a favourable athletic status when her testosterone reached 60, her hemoglobin amounted to 14.5 and her CK was lower than 150. After the discovery, we attempted to maintain her biochemical indexes to such a level, but the exhaustion of athletes is unavoidable for intense training. On a energy-consuming class, the weightlifter had to complete the snatching of 125 kg for three times and a clean and jerk of 165 kg for three times afterwards. After the class, we found that her testosterone descended to 28, her hemoglobin reduced to 12.6, her CK raised to 460. We supplied her with nutritional remedy as soon as we got the result. We replenished her with super-HGH and hemogrow, aiming at her declination of testosterone and hemoglobin. Also, we gave her 1.6-FDP to bring down the level of her CK. Her physical capability was soon recovered after she took our nutritional remedy.


The scientific usage of nutritional remedy is base on the supervision of the biochemical indexes. No nutritional remedy is valid if no biochemical supervision is performed.


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