A study on current status and development strategies of studentsphysical after school in macao

Por: Hai Li Zhang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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At present, the health and physical education have become the main trend of physical education reform in the world. The physical activities after school has been demonstrate to be an important position. The research was to investigate the present situation of physical activities after school. On this basis, the overall development of strategy is proposed for after-school physical activities so to provide scientific basis for further reform of school sport in Macao.

The subjects included 2480 students from colleges , high and secondary, primary school , 50 physical teacher and 25 physical managers in Macao. literature analysis, investigation, mathematical statistics were used to collect and analyze the data for the study.


It is ascertained that 53% students participated in physical activities after school, but with inadequate in intensity and frequency of exercise; the other 31% students never participated in any physical exercise; 50 % of students had interests in physical activities for the purposes of health, mental adjustment, recreation and intercourse. The main sports fields are at home and the park. 57 % of students had consumption idea in physical activities .
Finally, suggested to develop after-school physical activities reform in the three areas:
(1) The renewal of education notions should be the core for school physical education reform in various regions. The laws and regulations should be constantly perfected. (2) The management systems of physical education after-school should be established. (3) The school and social resources should be enjoyed together. The sporting fields and installations should be increased and perfected .


(1) Since single-physical education and much homework as well as lack of sports fields with equipment and sports companion were the main reasons that affected students to do after-school activities. Worry influence study as well as too fear hardship and lack of sports habit were the subjective reasons the stopped students` after-school physical activities.
(2) The results showed physical activities after school were not very enough, especially female students and college students. Lock of objective conditions was the main reasons that affected students` after-school physical activities.


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