This paper studies the situation of teachers’ physical life from more than 10 university and college in west china such as Xian, Kunming, Xinjiang, and so on ,as well as the restricting factors and the development of teachers PE .At the same time ,the article also discusses the prospect of ‘nation’s fitness’ and its effects on P.E. in university and college in west china .By such doing, the paper provide a scientific orientation for nation’s fitness in university and college in the new century and help for the management and guide the teachers’ physical life .


This article use the method of document, mathematical statistic, and investigations.


Totally speaking the teachers being investigated hold relative high level of understanding of P.E and they have strongly interest in PE. Their mainly motivation is to relax, entertain themselves and improve their health condition.
The teachers take various forms in physical exercise and always chose convenient place around the house and buildings on the campus. Most of them expect to have reasonable guidance and to produce good result. The PE environment is not so satisfactory because there is not an active atmosphere for PE .
The frequency of physical exercise is not moderate much. In addition, the consumption in sport service at its beginning stage. on the other hand , consumption in sport service and material consumption is not well balanced.


The universities can create active atmosphere and environment for PE by frequency organizing various relative actives to encourage exercises; Through arranging reasonable open time and relative rules for the equipment , they can make use of the teaching ground and facilities.
The university can organize a guidance office for various sport and exercise. The PE teachers can give people professional and reasonable advice for scientific exercises, in order to encourage PE actives in the surrounding areas and get a good social benefit.