A Study On The Structure Of a Japanese Physical Education Student Teachers Teaching Self-efficacy

Por: Naoki Ubata e Satoshi Yoshino.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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It is considered that one of what is needed for teacher educator is to student teacher have confidence for teaching in
physical education classes. In the present investigation a questionnaire was developed to assess physical education
teachers’ self-efficacy in terms of teaching (preparing class and teaching skills) in physical education classes.

Participants were 155 students teachers (male=61, female=94) in Ibaraki University. The questionnaire containing 26-
item on the preparing class (developing teaching material, preparing rubrics et. al.) and teaching skills (management,
instruction, observing, and interaction) by selecting 7 Likert scale. At first after Item-total analysis, Good-poor analysis,
and principal component analysis were conducted, Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were conducted on 26-
item questionnaire. Second, 26-item, 5-factor were conducted multiple regression analysis with one whole item about
teaching self-efficacy, and compare the teaching self-efficacy between experienced teaching and non-experienced .

Exploratory and confirmatory analyses resulted in 5-factor (interaction 6-item, preparing classes 6-item, observation 5-
item, demonstration 2-item, and management 3-item), multidimentional physical education teachers’ teaching selfefficacy
that produced reliable and valid score (table 1). Multiple correlation coefficient was .78 and coefficient of
determination was .61. Unpaired t-test analyses resulted in experienced student teacher got higher score than nonexperienced
student teacher significantly.

Discussion/ Conclusions
Thus, questionnaire including 22-item, 5-factor was formulated for physical education teachers’ teaching selfefficacy.
And it was revealed that student teacher considered if they have confident for ‘Preparing class’ and ‘
Interaction’, then It trended that they would have confident for teaching, especially. Additionally, it was revealed
that to have teaching experience is important for student teachers’ teaching self -efficacy also. It seemed that the
factors could be regarded as one effective viewpoints for teacher educator when we teach the student teachers for
how to teach the physical education classes.

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