A Suggested Design Of College Curriculum System In China For Shape And Temperament Buil-up

Por: Celi Cao, Lianxiang Fan e Zhuoyuan Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Based on many years of experimental research of shape training intended for China’s high school students, college students and bodybuilding groups, the present paper attempts to introduce to China’s institutions of higher learning a complete curriculum system for the build-up of students’ shape and temperament. The new vision proposed here is that the courses for shape and temperament build-up must be an organic combination giving equal attention to the basic training of outer shape and the advanced molding of inner temperament.


The study has applied such methods as literature search, questionnaire, experiment, theoretical analysis of colors and artistic diagnosis of images. Based on researches into the courses of shape and temperament build-up, a series of experimental training at multiple levels has been carried out on high school students, college students, bodybuilding groups and 32 female models.


1. necessity of courses for shape and temperament build-up as part of physical education at college level in China
In the 21st century, China’s institutions of higher learning serve as a cradle for qualified personnel, which set up higher standard and demand for physical education at college level. To satisfy the new requirements, courses for shape and temperament build-up can help college students achieve a unity of beautiful shape, graceful temperament and tasteful manners.

2. content of courses for shape and temperament build-up

course shape training Temperament molding
Content Periods Content Periods
basic courses elementary practice of ballet (8 types of movements) 20 analysis of colors in the four seasons 4
special courses manners of walking and sitting; dancing practice; waist and abdomen training 16 color and style matching in the four seasons; 8 fashions and styles of clothing 12
Supplementary courses litheness practice 6 suitable hair styles, makeup and adornments 4
miscellaneous 6 Miscellaneous 4
Total 48 24

Shape training is based on eight types of basic movements and supplemented with training of walking manner, sitting manner, dance and abdomen. Focus is given to improvement of bodily form. It is the easiest and most effective way of training. Temperament molding helps the students grasp two regular patterns for proper dressing up - the regular pattern of colors, including adornments, makeup and hair dyeing; the regular pattern of fashions and styles, including the well-assorted matching of hairstyle, makeup, fashion, adornments, shoes and bags with a particular bodily form and personality.

Discussion/ Conclusions

  1. The courses for shape and temperament buildup are well received by female students in China’s institutions of higher learning.
  2. The curriculum for shape and temperament buildup must pay due attention to the interrelationship of shape training and temperament molding.
  3. For college students, personal beauty should be a combination of inner beauty and outer beauty, i.e., a beautiful integration of shape, manner, demeanor and temperament. In this sense, shape training and temperament molding are mutually supplementing and complementing.


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