Advantages and functions of chinese universities in mordern sports talents cultivation

Por: Wen-jie Zhao.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Chinese social evolution and development of sports, especially the successful bid of Peking Olympic Games, stimulate the high increasing requirement of excellent sports talents. The modern sports talents include direct talents, such as athletes, coaches etc and indirect talents, such as management persons, brokers, and science researchers etc. It is difficult to take on the historic task of modern sports talents’ cultivation if only relies on professional sports universities. The article analyzes the advantages of universities, and put forwards the function and countermeasure of them during the field of modern sports talents’ cultivation.


Referring literatures, Experts survey, Epagoge etc


1 Chinese social evolution promotes the complete revolution of sports. "Peking Olympic" in 2008 stimulates the high requirement of the talents about athletics, body-building, scientific research, sports industry, and education. Chinese sports talents is now under the situation of relative shortness.
2 Chinese universities have the synthetic advantages of conception, subject, students, education, and society. Chinese education revolution develops the function of it’s universities on the cultivation of sports on talents.

Conclusion and suggestion

1 Chinese university should and can make an important role in modern sports talents’ cultivation.
If Chinese universities make full use of their own synthetic advantages, they can set up the cultivation base of athletics talents, the cultivation center of social sports directors, the education base of sports management talents, the cultivation center of sports market managers, the cultivation base of sports network and information talents, the development and research center of sports science.
2 Countermeasures of exploiting modern sports talents’ cultivation function in Chinese common universities.
Chinese universities should aim at the requirement of highly required sports talents, setting of sports and physical education subjects, setting of high-level sports teams, setting of sports scientific research institutions, and setting of sports network center.


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