Analysing Physical Education Teaching-learning Processes: How Preservice Teachers See Their Own Teaching Performance

Por: Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson e S. Palomaki.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The purpose of this case study was to investigate how physical education students observe and analyse teachinglearning
processes and their own teaching performance. This information can provide valuable insights into preservice
teachers pedagogical thinking and professional development. The study is a part of a wider research project, called
"Teacher Development in PE Teacher Training".

Subjects were 6 second-year students who were doing an intensive one-semester course on systematic observation and
micro-teaching in physical education. The teachers taught 15-minute micro-teaching lessons to a group of 8-10
students. Lessons were videotaped. The data for this study were collected by using the stimulated recall method. Each
subject viewed their own 15-minute videotaped micro-teaching lesson and at the same time commented and analysed
what they saw happening during the lesson. The stimulated recall sessions were tape-recorded and later transcribed
from the tape into textual form. Data were analyzed using a quantitative content analysis.

The results indicated that 59.8% of student teachers’ comments referred to teaching behavior. The most common topics
under this heading were teacher’s talk, task presentation, teacher thinking and lesson planning. 18.1 percent of the
comments made by members referred to pupils and their behavior. The majority of the comments were categorized as
descriptive or evaluative (Table 1.). Five of student teachers made three or four suggestions for improving the lesson(10% of total comments).

The positive effects of video feedback are well known. Video offers direct and "pure" feedback without interpretation.
The method of stimulated recall presented a challenge to the preservice student teachers. Because the events that occur
during the teaching-learning processes change very rapidly, the student teachers felt that it was sometimes difficult to
identify the most important points in the teaching-learning situation. Most of them were unable to offer many
suggestions for improving the lesson. In conclusion, the students reported that it was very useful to stop and rethink
their teaching experiences by using the stimulated recall method. One way to focus the video playback and make it even
more effective is the use of different observation techniques and self-evaluation tools, as has been done in this course on
systematic observation and micro-teaching.

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