Association Of The Musculoskeletal Disorders With Activity Performed In Workplace

Por: Cassiano Merussi Neiva, Indira Léa Melo Ravagnani, José Eduardo Zaia e Paulo Roberto Veiga Quemelo.

Revista Brasileira de Ciência & Movimento - v.21 - n.4 - 2013

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The aim of the study was to analyze the association between the activities performed in the workplace with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) symptoms in the body region. We evaluated 146 employees, separated in sector I (n=61 employees) who work with cleaning and building maintenance with activity performed in standing position; sector II (n=85) the employees working with computers in the administrative sector with activity performed in sitting position. The employees answered the Censo of the ergonomics questionnaire that assesses the MSD reported in different body region. The sector I showed significant association of cases with MSD symptoms with lower limbs. The sector II showed strong association with cases of MSD reported with neck and wrist. The results showed that employees had associated MSD symptoms with the activity performed. Thus, the development of the specific interventions to each kind of workplace showed necessary.




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