Chapter 1: National Strategies And Large-scale Initiatives

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Physical Education And Sport At School In Europe. Eurydice Report..

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The promotion of physical education in schools involves introducing or adapting policies which aim to raise general awareness of the lifelong social and educational value of physical and sports activity. In many countries, such action calls for a strategic and rational approach to mobilising young people in recognition of this principle and creating opportunities for them to take part in physical activities.  Reforms in this area may be a way of telling the educational community that a particular issue is considered a government priority. National strategies may comprise measures such as curricular reform, support for teachers, reviews of funding, various regional or local initiatives and other appropriate actions. They are usually developed by central authorities (such as ministries of education and sport or ministries of health). However, they typically result from close cooperation between a range of different bodies and groups that may include sports associations and federations, Olympic committees, teachers, pupils, parents and private sector partners.

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