In accordance with the revision of new weight classification in January 1998, we had measured basic physical fitness of judo players that participated in national judo college competition. The purpose of this study was to show the discriminate method of athletes group and players group, with people under the 60 kg category, under the 81 kg category, and over the 100 kg category, using Fisher’s linear discriminate function and H-score, which enables to compare 9 variables with different variances and units. We would like to improve the training method for physical fitness, the teaching methods, and motivate individuals by feedback, and assist in teaching judo.


The participants were Judo players (U/60 kg N=112, U/81 kg N=148, O/100 kg category N=132.) in the University. Seven components with 9 items were measured. A Fisher’s linear discriminate was created and the actual discriminate was evaluated. Each variable’s weight was compared with the obtained discriminate function. The discriminate function value and physical fitness score was examined.


The coefficient of the variables used in discriminate function and the relative importance of the discriminate function value were evaluated. The mean of each variable’s H-score for O/ 100 kg category was calculated. We computed the individual’s value of discriminate function in each category, and two groups were discriminated. We made the average of both groups’ mean score as a discriminating criterion. A ratio of misclassification and a relative importance of each variable against the obtained discriminate function were created.
By examining the individual’s discriminate function value and H-score, we could understand both groups’ degree of involvement, compare variables, and understand the current condition of the participants. By the feedback, we could estimate the individual’s good and poor points, estimated values, and contribute to the training for improving supervision and coaching and the individual’s physical fitness and ability.


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