Macao and Zhuhai cities are very conform at frame of population and geography place. But the regime and development level of economy of the two cities are not same. So, to study and analyze the youth’s health and fitness of the special cities have marked significance and also could to find out the different character of health and fitness of both cities.


Using the Physical Health and Fitness System produced by Beijing Physical Education University to test the 3200 students in Zhuhai and 2100students in Macao. The male subjects were 2,800, and female subjects were 2,500. the age of all subjects were 13~18 years.


The results of the study with the relevant statistical outcomes show that the heights and body weights of the subjects (including male and female) from both cities were not significantly difference. The blood pressure and heart rates/per minutes of Macao male and female students were significant higher than Zhuhai male and female students. Arm and leg force of Zhuhai male and female students were significant higher than Macao students. The speed of 50m run of Zhuhai students were also faster than Macao students.

Discussion / Conclusions

1. There were not significant difference in body from between Macao students and Zhuhai students.
2. The cardiopulmonary function of Zhuhai students were significant stronger than Macao students.
3. The speed diathesis and strength diathesis of Zhuhai students were significant better than Macao students.


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