Effect Of Combination Nutrition Supplement On Hsp72 In Peripheral Blood Of Women Boxers During Weight Loss Before Competition

Por: Aifang Cai, Jun Wang, Xiaohui Hou e Xinfa Ge.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Nutrition supplement is very important way to alleviate the badness effect of weight loss and improve physical
capability before competition. The purpose of this study was try to find a combined nutrition supplement, which can
help loss the weight and improve physical capability at the same time, through observe the effect on Hsp72 in
peripheral blood of L- Carnitine, Branched-chain Amino Acid (BCAA) and Glutamine(Glu) use together.

Twelve women boxer were divided in two groups at random, which are Balance Diet group(BD) and Combined
Nutrition Supplement group(CNS). We used double blind method to give the supplement. CNS took BCAA twice every
day and 2 pieces every time for one month, L- Carnitine twice every day and 2 capsules every time for 15 days and 3
capsuless for 15 days, Glu twice every day and 5 pieces for first week and 2 pieces later. One month before use the
supplement and later before competition took the vein blood 5ml in the early morning to test the Hsp72 in peripheral
blood by flow cytometry and relative index.

Compared with BD, Hsp72 in peripheral blood Lymphocytes (Graph 1) and testosteone/cortisol (T/C) of CNS increased
significantly(P<0.05); Blood urea nitrogen(Bun) and creatine kinase(CK) of CNS decreased significantly(P<0.05). The
weight loss and especially fat loss of CNS was significantly higher than BD.(P<0.05).

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