The national-wide fitness investigation showed that the cardiovascular function of Chinese university students had gone down in recent years. The purpose of this study was to observe the effect of exercise prescription training on cardiovascular function promotion of female university students and provide a good exercise way to practice.


Fiftyseven healthy female university students (average 20.4 yr) were separated randomly into four exercise prescription groups (EG) and one control group (CG). The EG underwent a 8 week exercise prescription training by 3 times a week and 40 minutes per time. The exercise prescriptions were named according to its main content as Velocity (EGv), Endurance (EGe), Basketball (EGb), and Multiple Exercise (EGm). Each prescription was composed of three parts as warm-up (5min), training (25min) and recovery (10min). The height, weight, ABP and hemodynamic parameters were tested (AZN-II Cardiovascular Function Meter, XDH-II ECG Machine) before and after exercise prescription training. T test and ANOVA were done by Microsoft Excel and the significance was set as P<0.05.


The results showed that the rest pulse (P) decreased significantly in EGv (84±4vs74±5b/m), EGe (79±11vs69±9b/m), EGb (81±10vs74±9b/m)while the stroke volume (SV) and cardiac output (CO) increased in EGb (SV:49±17vs75±11ml,CO:4±1vs 6±1l/m) and EGm (SV: 61±11vs73±15ml, CO: 4±1vs5±1). The ventricle pump efficiency (VPE) also promoted in EGe (1.3±0.1vs1.4±0.2kg) and EGb (1.3±0.2vs1.5±0.2kg) in addition to the remarkable improvement of EWK in EGe(0.25±0.02vs0.28±0.02). Besides, mean systolic pressure (MSP), mean diastolic pressure (MDP) and mean arterial pressure (MAP) showed obvious change in EGm(86±3vs82±5mmHg, 71±3vs65±4mmHg, 78±3vs73±5mmHg), suggesting that multiple exercise might has more benefit on vascular function.


The exercise prescriptions applied in this study can develop the cardiovascular function, especially the Endurance and Basketball prescriptions. The Multiple Exercise prescription is more beneficial on vascular function promotion. We speculate that exercise prescription training would be an easy scientific way for university students to improve their cardiovascular functions.


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