Exercise prescription training has not been used for fitness promotion in daily exercises in China. This study is to observe the efficiency of prescription training on physical fitness of university students.


Four exercise prescriptions were designed and named as Velocity, Endurance, Strength and Multiple Exercise. Forty male and fifty-five female healthy students were both randomly divided into four exercise groups (EGV,EGE,EGS,EGM) and one control group (CG). EG underwent 8 weeks exercise prescription training with average intensity at HR 130-150b/m for 3 times per week and 40min per time. The height, weight, grip strength, back strength, jump height, abdomen strength (lie down and sit up), 10MX4 running time and seated body flexibility were tested. All tests were done according to the National Student Physical Fitness Investigation Workbook.


The results showed that the grip strength increased visibly (P<0.05) in mEGM (411±72 vs 442±67N) as well as the abdomen strenght in fEGS (34±6 vs 39±7 times/min). The back strength was improved in mEGV (1033±91vs 1040±184 N) and mEGS (1066±101 vs1139±90 N). In addition, the seated body flexibility enhanced noticeably in fEGS (12±6 vs17±6 cm) and both mEGM (15±8 vs 17±7 cm) and fEGM (17±4 vs 19±5cm). Besides, the jump height was remarkably advanced in almost every EGs except mEGV. And the 10MX4 running time shortened significantly in both fEGS (13.0±1.1 vs 12.3±0.7s) and mEGS (11.3±0.8 vs 10.7±0.8s).

Discussion/ Conclusions

The Strength and Multiple Exercise prescription we used had the distinct improving effect on all physical fitness, especially the strength, suggesting that multiple exercise ways would be reasonably combined and used in prescription training. Moreover, the fitness promotion of female students showed be more sensitive to the exercise. We conclude that exercise prescription training would be an efficient way of physical fitness promotion and would be extended practiced in the universities.


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