The aim of this paper is to introduce the development of General Gymnastics in Hong Kong. General Gymnastics programs have been conducted in Hong Kong since 1994 and the Social Ecological Model has been utilized to promote General Gymnastics. Over the years,the Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China (GAHK),has been collaborating with Hong Kong Government agencies, nongovernment social organizations (NGO), education and commercial sectors to organize General Gymnastics programs such as instructor training courses, training courses, award scheme, fun days, Asian and Hong Kong General Gymnastics festivals. Research study focused on evidence basis has been utilized to gathered information to support the positive benefits of General Gymnastics. Program evaluation and participants’ feedback have been addedto improve the program design. The number of individuals with different motor abilities, age groups and cultural backgrounds taking part in General Gymnastics is increasing and the GAHK will continueto promote General Gymnastics nationally and internationall