Editora Springer. Alemanha 2023. 1447 páginas.


Open, Distance, and Digital Education (ODDE) includes all kinds of teaching and learning processes in which educational technologies, digital media, and tools are used to present and deliver content, as well as facilitate and support communication, interaction, collaboration, assessment, and evaluation. With the global Covid-19 pandemic, ODDE has now entered the mainstream at all levels of education, and a renewed dialogue on ODDE has emerged, engaging many regions and countries. The Handbook of ODDE arrives at just the right time, intending to provide a comprehensive and updated overview of the field for educators, researchers, policymakers, and administrators in a wide range of sectors such as k-12 education, higher education, adult education, and workplace training. This Handbook has brought together leaders and scholars in the field of ODDE from around the world to discuss diverse perspectives and research findings on all important issues in ODDE.