Identification Of Physical Activity Level Of School Adolescents Sports Basedhigh Intensity Physical Education Classes

Por: Carlos Alberto da Silva, Christina Pacheco, Francisco Sérgio Lopes Vasconcelos Filho, Roberta Cristina da Rocha e Silva, Saulo Chaves Magalhães e Vitor Viana da Costa.

Revista Brasileira de Educação Física e Esporte - v.33 - n.3 - 2019

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This study aimed to identify undertaken activities during Physical Education (PE) school classes, such as their content and intensity, and investigate the relationship between PE school classes and the level of physical activity of the students. Fifty school adolescents averagely aging 14.3 years, 1.63m, height and 57.4kg body mass were evaluated. Intensity of PE classes was measured by heart rate monitoring. A PE class content observation instrument was utilized in order to evaluate the sessions. Additionally, IPAQ was used to assess the level of physical activity of the participants. 20% of the students were found to be overweight considering their age. It was noticed that 78% underwent from moderate to high intensity sports activity throughout the classes, without signifi cant gender differences. 96% of the studied subjects were classifi ed as active or very active. Therefore, most of the analyzed adolescents performed satisfactory physical activity, ensuring a high level of physical activity.


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