The high competitive level in sports does not always represent the fitness level of the country. With the improvement of our living standard, people think more about how to keep fit and live longer. Nowadays, more people are getting fat, especially female, and they want to keep slim and try to do some exercises in their spare time, some even take medicines and go on diet. But they do not prepare well both in psychology and physiology, and they also do not know that burning fat will need a long time. For some years, we, together with professor Masashige Suzuki from Tsukuba
university in Japan, have cooperated to popularize the dumbbell exercises in Japan and in Changchun(northeast China) . At the same time we are more aware of the health standard and fitness through the dumbbell exercises.

In this paper, the methods we used are practice, and document.
Results before exercise not before the exercises (see bellow)
From nutrition point of view, the wooden dumbbell exercises will promote the synthetization of protein and improve the ability of basic metabolism. As we can see from the above graphs, these aerobic exercises will train and keep muscle active, burn fat and increase the thin weight as well. It is easy to perform and a practical way of keeping fit.

First of all, we must be certain that a person is fat(obese). According to the international nutritious standard, that is, the proportion of fat surpasses 25 percent of body weights in males and 30 percent in females.
Secondly, you had better not take fat as your enemy. Dumbbell exercises will not wipe out all your fat and sometimes it is suitable to absorb some fat, as fat is good for keeping body temperature and shaking buffer. Some people lose fat and muscle at the same time. When you begin dumbbell exercises, you will not lose weight at once. If you keep on exercising, your muscle will become strong and your metabolism will increase. Muscles can decompose fat and burn fat; this is also a process of keeping fit.
Thirdly, the benefits of dumbbell exercises are: (1) You can do them wherever and whenever you like. (2) They are easy to do (10-15min per day). (3) They can change a person’s fitness. (4) Dumbbell exercises are not expensive and are easy . (5) You should better not consider being the same losing fat as losing weight.

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