Olympic education as an axiological metalanguage: pedagogical and philosophical reviews of international and Brazilian experiences

Parte de Olympism and Olympic Education . páginas 69 - 79


From the perspective of Western civilization, sport as a pedagogical means – initially as physical exercises and games – is as old as education itself, springing from its common origin in Ancient Greece. The classical Greek paideia foresaw gymnastic exercises as a collective cultural aspiration, an ideal that has reappeared throughout history under diferent pedagogical propositions and that, at last, has presented itself in contemporary times with scientifc-pedagogical intentions. Therefore, it is apparent that the prototypes of sports emerged more than 25 centuries ago as a means of education and that they have always been a topic for both pedagogical and philosophical debate. In this context, the present study aims to identify preliminary approaches that may re-examine the tradition of sports practice at schools – both in Brazil and internationally – in light of its possible renovation via the so-called “Olympic education,” whose appearance worldwide has been more recent.