Olympic education: elements for a project

Parte de Olympism and Olympic Education . páginas 166 - 173


One could say that the educational programming linked to the Olympic Games is one of the least important requirements of an Olympic city. However, its importance cannot be underestimated when we think about the concept of legacy as something important not only for the hosting city but also for the Olympic Movement (Mazo et al., 2008). In general, we can say that the proposals for education through sports, referring here to the Olympic Movement, its values, its symbolism, its history, its heroes, and its traditions, can be called “Olympic education” (Tavares, 2008). This defnition presents the necessary and sufcient conditions for the demarcation between any educational program through sport and what we call “Olympic education.” If we accept that values such as fair play, for example, are not exclusive to Olympic sport, we must also accept that not every initiative of education in values through sport can be defned as “Olympic education.” In this line of argument, sport is a sufcient condition, while Olympic values, symbols, stories, and traditions are the necessary conditions for defnition.