The morphological alterations occur from the postural habits and they are added during the lifetime, reflecting in the
static as well as in the dynamic locomotors systems, being evident in predisposed individuals (Bankoff, 1993;
Tribastone, 2001). This problematical, when associate with malnutrition and undernourishment (INAN, 1990) and also
with overweight, can interfere in the posture. The aim of this work was to analyze the asymmetries, postural deviation
of the scholar’s children as well as to relate to the nutritional state.

It was realized a computerized postural evaluation and also anthropometrics measures in 71 individuals being 55 female
and 16 male, age between 11 to 17 years old, all students from 5a to 8a grades of fundamental school. The study was
developed in the city of Votuporanga, a poor region of the state of Sao Paulo. In order to obtain the anthropometrical
measurements (weight and stature), a Filizola scale with a fathom was used. To realize the computerized postural
evaluation, it was used a Software Postural Analyses DaVinci ( version), developed by Micromed
Biotecnologia. This software collects the images and measures of the angles as well as the postural human distance.

Considering the results in table 1, we can observe that those scholars present body postural alteration as well as elevated
incidence of low weight.

75% of the male scholars present a nutritional deficit state and also a considerable accentuation in the lumbar curvature.
On the other hand, the over weighted scholars showed the highest angle in the thoracic and cervical curvatures. 47,27%
of the female scholars are in the recommended range of weight, however they present an accentuation in the cervical
curvature. The highest angle of the lumbar curvature was evident in the low weight scholars. As a result, the research
showed a direct relationship between malnutrition, undernourishment and postural problems linked to the locomotors
Key words: Postural analyses. Postural deviation. Asymmetries. Nutritional state. Scholars.

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