Quarta Conferência Internacional de Ministros e Responsáveis Pela Educação Física e o Esporte (IV Mineps 4-6 de Dez de 2004)


UNESCO. 2004

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UNESCO wishes to express its deep gratitude to the Greek authorities and people for their warm hospitality and the excellent working conditions which contributed significantly to the quality of the Conference.

It also wishes to express sincere thanks to the local organizing committee and to all parties at every level who generously contributed to the success of MINEPS IV.

MINEPS IV has ushered in a new stage through the affirmation of a strong political will and the commitment of Member States, decision-makers and bodies involved in sport and physical education to tackle the challenges and issues by means of practical measures.

MINEPS IV was a tremendous international forum, providing leverage to promote the values of sport, share competences and exchange experiences in order to improve the quality of sport and physical education.

Our thanks go to all the participants – actors in and defenders of sport and physical education –, who brought added value to the work of MINEPS IV, and enabled conclusions to be reached by consensus in an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual understanding.

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