Research notes on olympic education

Parte de Olympism and Olympic Education . páginas 120 - 131


This chapter presents research notes on Olympic education carried out in Brazil by the Olympic Studies Group at Gama Filho University. The aim is to share experiences and knowledge that may help in the development of Olympic education programs suitable for diferent social and cultural contexts, without losing sight of the universal characteristics of Olympism.Olympism and Olympic Education: From Philosophy to Experimentation The late 1990s and early 2000s witnessed the formation of Olympic studies groups in Brazilian universities with the aim of introducing scientifc research into Olympism, the Olympic Movement, and Olympic education in the country. Olympic studies groups were already well established in Europe, the United States, and Canada, but at the time they were still emerging in Latin America. The Olympic Studies Group formed at Gama Filho University, led by Lamartine DaCosta, initially focused on Olympism, a subject that, in the view of the group’s members, is the basis for understanding the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Games, and any practical proposal for Olympic education.