Population ageing is the symbol of advancement of society and it is also an inevitable trend for world population development. At present, PR China shows signs towards ageing .In 1982,People over 60 years old constituted about 7663.8 million and were 8.24% of the total population. In 2000,they were about 1320 million and were10.49%. Thus, in order to live longer, physical activity for the aged is an important challenge. What kind of physical activities are suitable for the aged? In Changchun, northeast China ,it is not very hot in summer( about 30℃ above O℃ in July~August). However, it is very cold in winter (about 30℃ below O℃). Cold weather prevents the aged from going out.And still some aged people keep on walking/ jogging and playing Taiji and DaYandge(a traditional Chinese folk dance) in cold weather.

The results described in this paper are based on two sets of empirical data:
1.The data are those of the Investigation and Research on The Present Mass Physical Activities in PR China.
2.The data were collected by means of a structured questionnaire in Changchun,China The questionnaire was returned by 1158 persons from 56 ~65 years old ,i.e.77..2%. The questionnaire included items that dealt with e.g. the age,the frequency of physical activities in summer and in winter as well, heart rate and blood pressure and so on.


Discussion/ Conclusions
In this paper, we compared the most common physical activities for the aged in China and in the cold region of Changchun.As people grow older,walking/joggimg are the best physical activities as they are easy to perform and everyone can do them, ,regardless of season. Playing Taiji and DaYangGe are also good for the aged, while playing these games outdoors in winter, people are always move their body, warm up and sweat.Walking, playing Taiji and Dayangge are all aerobic exercises which are good for heart rate and decrease blood pressure after adaptation.

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