Editora SIRC.Sport Information Resource Centre. Canadá. em 2002. 554 páginas.




1. History When the SPORTDiscus1 database was created in 1974, the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) staff did not have a thesaurus. Indexing of documents was first done using an uncontrolled vocabulary. Before long, it became necessary to watch for synonymous descriptors and to identify the more useful sport descriptors or terms. After the initial years of indexing in this fashion, SIRC developed stricter control of the indexing vocabulary. Terms that had been used less than 10 times were removed from the list of descriptors that had been used in all past indexing. This eliminated most spelling errors, variant spellings, singular and plural inconsistencies, and left a core of approximately five thousand descriptors. Terminology was further controlled by the addition of USE and USED FOR terms, as well as some BROAD TERMS, NARROW TERMS and RELATED TERMS. This gave rise to the first draft of the SIRCThesaurus2 in December 1981.


1 The original name of the database was SPORTDatabase. Available on different platforms over the years, it has also been referred to as SPORT, File 48 or SFDB. For the sake of consistency, it is now referred to as SPORTDiscus in all promotional materials, regardless of the platform.

2 The original name of this publication was the SPORT Thesaurus. In order to achieve consistency in the naming of the products, this publication is now being referred to as the SIRCThesaurus in all promotional materials produced by SIRC.



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