The Change Of Content Of Athletic Serum Testoteron And Cortisol In Different Season

Por: Haiying Guo e Wei Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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We want to observe the effect of season on athletic testosteron(T) and cortisol(C) level by testing serum contents of T and C of rowers and swimmers between June to August(A group) and December to February(B group) , the purpose of this study is to give reference to sports training.

Twenty-eight male rowers whose average age is 23.5 and twenty-two female rowers whose average age was 22.6 are compared with twenty-three male swimmers whose average age was 15.1 and eighteen female swimmers whose average age was 14.1. The blood samples were taken in the morning one times for each month. The testing method of T and C was radiation immunoassay using γ-count instrument, and the results were used statistical comparison by SPSS.

The results showed that the content of T of male rowers was lower and that of C was higher from June to August. The content of C of female rowers was higher from June to August (see table1). But the contents of T and C of swimmers were not significant different between June to August and December to February.

Discussion / Conclusions
The study of Zhou Dongpo reported that the content of T of adult men is higher in end of autumn and early winter, and that was lower from April to June [1]. Other studies of Cooke.B.A and Gao Huibao thought that the content of T decreased caused by raised of cortisol because of tension and other factors [2][3]. We think that the temperature of rowers’ training environment is higher from June to August than from December to February, this cause the content of C of male rowers to raise, and this can prevent testis from secreting T, and this effect is more visible to male than to female[4]. The temperature of training environment is invariable for swimmers during the year, so the contents of Tand C are not variable.

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