The dynamic study on the contents of essential trace elements in both hair and plasma of elite female athletes

Por: Jin-hong Li e Yuan Zhang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The dynamic study on the contents of 4 essential trace elements in both plasma and hair during different period of summer training was carried out. The aim was to provide an available and practical means by using haircut instead of blood-drawn for monitoring athletes’ element level and then to give scientific guidance for them to supplement trace elements in time.


The content of Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn in plasma of 12 elite female handball athletes was determined respectively by AAS on the first, seventh and the fortieth day of their tough summer training. Meanwhile hair Fe, Zn and Cu content was also detected respectively at the beginning and the end of summer training.


(1) At the end of summer training, both the content of plasma Fe and Cu and the ratio of Cu/Zn decreased significantly(P<0.05~0.001) in the meanwhile plasma Mn content increased distinctly (P<0.001), but plasma Zn content made no significant difference. (2) During the whole summer training, the change rates of these four trace elements in plasma was very different as follow: the evident change of plasma Fe (p<0.001) was a rapid process dramatically accomplished in the first week, while that of plasma Cu (p<0.001), Cu/Zn ratio (p<0.05) and Mn (p<0.001) was a slow process gradually changed through the whole training. (3) The contents of both hair Fe and Cu made special significant decrease(P<0.05~0.001), but hair Cu/Zn ratio and hair Zn content made no significant difference.


(1) It is considerable to use convenient haircut specimen instead of vein blood in monitoring Fe, Cu and Zn nutrition during high intensity training. (2) It is very necessary for athletes to supplement trace element Fe and Cu after tough training.
Key words: high intensity training;trace element;hair;blood plasma



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